METAL SECURITY GROUP” LTD offers personal VIP protection, which includes organizing and conducting of complex services to provide security to anyone who requires such services: celebrities, large entrepreneurs, politicians, individuals and their families. Ensuring a protection of the personality, works collaborated with the police.

METAL SECURITY GROUPLTD has a team of professionals with experience in the Close protection. The employes are excellently prepared, mentally and physically. They have got an experience in international missions NATO and UNO , have graduated successfully specialized training for “VIP” protection in international recognized, training center for special preparation in protection and security “ALFA- METAL” LTD

METAL SECURITY GROUPLTD guarantees high responsibility level and confidence during the implementation of their obligations and the client’s conditions. Each bodyguard of „METAL SECURITY GROUP“ LTD has passed a selection. The choice of the bodyguard is determined by security reasons and client’s protection.

“METAL SECURITY GROUP” Ltd. is proud with each of its bodyguards who have proved their high professionalism, not once, selfless behavior, ability to analyze and make the right decisions in extreme situations.



Preliminary events :

  • Gathering information about eventual threats of the life and health of the client and people around him;
  • Developing concepts and recommendations for securing the Client’s security;
  • Design of the security system, from the company documentation, that regulates the security of the client.
  • Organization of the work of the security


Subsequent events:

  • Protection in case of unpredicted situation occurred with the Client;
  • Protection against illegal violation;
  • Opportunity, 24-hour/ non stop to attract additional forces and resources to resolve crisis situations;
  • Determining a representative of “METAL SECURITY GROUP LTD” / security manager / about operational solution of current issues.


It is carried out by a team of highly prepared professionals and according with the Law on Private Security industry. It is available both individually and in combination with each of the other services provided by the company.