METAL SECURITY GROUP`s team is striving for the purpose of achieving concrete targets !  Our team is only using the pronoun “WE”!


Company`s security personnel is being trained in International Centers for Special Training of Protection and Security Ltd, which is part of the structure of Metal Security Group Ltd.

ICSTPS Alfa-Metal is a leading private educational training center holding a license № 200612335 /21.06.2006  and license № 2014121178/08.01.2015 issued by the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training/NAVET/ part of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Bulgaria. ICSTPS Alfa Metal also holds a license №1602420/07.02.2016 issued by the UK company “Industry Qualifications” which is also called -“Awarding Body” – that company is supervising the quality standards during trainings carry out according to the UK legislation.

ICSTPS Alfa-Metal Ltd is specialized in conduction of protection and security courses – real practical trainings in a combination with the unique training methods and methodology of the Instructors from the USA, Russia, Canada , Kazahstan and the European Union. Trainings consist of tactical special preparation – firearms handling , tactical and/or extreme driving , First Aid, Law/Legislation preparation, hand-to-hand combat, practical advices.

The center offers the best of the world training systems , combined in unique programs , which basic goals are to improve and update the qualification of the personnel involved in the sphere of protection and security.

The management personnel at the offices of “METAL SECURITY GROUP” implements constant contacts with customers and the business partners of the company. The team consists of highly intelligent, competent, polite, specially trained to work with clients employees, all of them with university  degrees, passed tests for psychological fit, with proven organizational and communicational skills.

Technical personnel providing installation and maintenance of alarm and other security communication systems,and their maintenance. Personnel with higher technical education meeting all special requirements. Before starting work for the company, employees must have successfully passed tests for general knowledge, medical and psychological fit. The employees are  competent, polite and professional and familiar with all the technical equipment and the maintenance of various types of security systems.

The employees from the Duty Center “METAL SECURITY GROUP” are highly intelligent ,well trained, passed through all the above mentioned tests for employment in the company.

Employees of the security team of ” METAL SECURITY GROUP “ use its powers under the important assignments therefore adhering The Law on private security / . Prior to the start of working for the company they must have  successfully passed tests of general knowledge , medical , physical and psychological fit . After the additional selection, follows a long period of training at the International Center for special training of protection and security “ALFA – METAL” part of the structure of ” METAL SECURITY GROUP “ ending with qualifications exams . Our employees are professionally trained- law preparation and first aid medical training, tactical drills / for blocking and checking of sites etc.  / Physical training , training in shooting with weapons , driving in extreme situations , detaining offenders .