Our History

Our History

„METAL SECURITY GROUP” LTD is a private Bulgarian security company, that offers to its clients complex services in the field of  protection and security. The company holds a license No 843/23.06.2006 for conducting and performing security services across the entire territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.
In „METAL SECURITY GROUP” LTD we have hired more than 110 employees including security guards, administration – specialized in different fields such as: – technical support team, engineers, accountants, psychologists, computer scientists, marketing specialists and other young people with excellent professional and up-to-date training.
We realize that people need protection and security of their: business, property, workplace as well as their home. We strive in all our actions to provide the best quality of every service that we offer to our customers.

Our experience and traditions in the field of  providing security services mark out our leadership in certain regions.

The core values and principles of work at „METAL SECURITY GROUP” LTD:

  • An individual approach to the needs of each client
  • Flexible pricing strategy
  • High level professionalism of the personnel
  • Confidentiality
  • Legality
  • Complex approach to ensuring the security and safety of the client and his business
  • Wide range of all types of professional security and protection services
  • Analytical prediction of  development and changes into the security industry
  • Modern technical equipment, full lay-up, car fleet and weaponry

The mission of „METAL SECURITY GROUP” LTD is to offer quality protection and security on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.
Our goals are to ensure the security and safety of our customers and their business nationally, and to achieve leadership positions in new regions .
The strategy of “METAL SECURITY GROUP” LTD is associated with continuous validation and improvement of the quality of the services offered by the company and the development of new services for protection and security on the basis of marketing researches to the needs of the modern client and his business on an European level.