METAL SECURITY GROUP LTD offers a variety of security solutions including signal – security equipment / alarm systems / organization and conduction of complex events ensuring the security of facilities – factories, plants, commercial buildings, hotels, banks, offices, private homes, villas, etc. Monitoring and 24-hour patrolling  response team – highly qualified and trained armed teams , as well as a guaranteed property liability

Preliminary events :

  1. Meeting with the client, security monitoring and assessment of the risk associated with the possibility of installation and effectiveness of the signal alarm  security system.You can pick an option for signal transmission – through a radio , GSM connection , internet , GPRS.
  2. Design of the security system, according to the Clients`requirements and needs  and the complexity of the object.
  3. Instalation  of an alarm  security system , programming and bringing into operation . The output connection to the 24-hour operational duty / duty center / of ” METAL SECURITY GROUP LTD.

Subsequent events:

  1. 24- Hour non-stop remote control of the protected site  in continuous mode (monitoring) and transmission of any alarm signals from the protected area to the patrol teams throughout an operational duty person.
  2. Response to the signals coming from the alarm – security system from armed and well-trained patrol teams.

Advantages of the security provided by  technical equipment

(alarm systems/SOT ) in METAL SECURITY GROUP  LTD:

  • Timely reaction of specially trained and armed security patrol teams for up to 2 to 5 minutes into the city  depending on the location of the protected object;
  • A possibility  for gathering additional forces and resources of ” METAL SECURITY GROUP ” in case of an event of  emergency situation on site ;
  • The  equipment we use has a high quality and is very reliable;
  • 24- hour option for remote control and monitoring of the protected site/object;
  • Use of a radio , GSM connection , Internet , GPRS connection  between the protected object and the 24-hour Duty Control Center ;
  • A guaranteed payment of a compensation up to 20,000 Levs in case of a damage occurs .
  • We offer our Clients the chance to obtain information on the operation of their alarm system in the object throughout our free service ” METAL SOD – SMS INFO “

METAL SECURITY GROUP ” LTD offers to its clients completely free:

  • Conducting of a security monitoring and an evaluation of the degree of protection
  • Risk assessment and  preparation of instructions for using the alarm – security system and other technical means related to security / CCTV , fire alarms etc . /
  • Check and evaluation of the reliability of an already existing security system /if any available/
  • Installation and integration of alarm – security system with the centralized system of ” METAL SECURITY GROUP ” Ltd.
  • 24-hour service maintenance under the Contracts`duration
  • 24-hour patrol team reaction
  • A guaranteed property liability shown in the Contracts` Terms and Conditions