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“METAL SECURITY GROUP” LTD holds а License No 843/23.06.2006 for conducting  security activities throughout the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

“METAL SECURITY GROUP” LTD holds  a License No 2909/22.12.2015 for implementation of the following security activities : mass events security and security of valuable parcels and freights.

“METAL SECURITY GROUP” LTD  holds Licenses for eight frequencies within the Municipality of Gabrovo  and is the largest service provider for the provision of electronic communications for its own needs through an electronic communications network from mobile radio – PMR.

“METAL SECURITY GROUP” LTD is a partner of  International center for special training in protection and security  “ALFA-METAL” LTD and International real estate and tour agency “METAL TOUR”

“METAL SECURITY GROUP” LTD cooperates with the Regional Police Department Gabrovo, Gabrovo Municipality as well as Regional Police Department Sevlievo, Sevlievo Municipality  under the regulations of a  tripartite agreement for collaboration in the field of security and public order as  public commissions partners in crime prevention.

“METAL SECURITY GROUP” LTD is a certified approved partner of “TELETEK” LTD into the field of the distribution of signal-security equipment, fire-signal technical equipment as well as video surveillance equipment.

“METAL SECURITY GROUP” LTD is a member of the Bulgarian Chamber of e Commerce and  Industry and the Union for private economic enterprise.

“METAL SECURITY GROUP” LTD is a co-founder and partner in the Sport Club of Applied shooting and air-soft “ALFA – METAL”.

“METAL SECURITY GROUP” LTD is a co-founder and partner in the International sports martial arts club “Prestige”.

“METAL SECURITY GROUP” LTD is a partner with “DAIKS Ltd” and could provide security for  all types of vehicles  on the territory of Gabrovo by a modern GPS system.

“METAL SECURITY GROUP” LTD is able to take under protection sites on the territory of the entire country within its partners network: ” DAIKS” Ltd. – Plovdiv, ” SOT” Ltd (SOT 161) – Sofia, ” FORCE DELTA” Ltd., Sofia ,”BAT SECURITY” Ltd. – Sofia, “DARTREYD ” AD – Doupnitsa, “DELTA COM” Ltd. – Veliko Tarnovo, ET “RIS 999” – Haskovo, “CORADO INS” Ltd. – Nova Zagora, “RADIOSOT” Ltd. – Pazardzhik, SD “ALFA SHIELD” – Vidin, “SOD Varna” JSC – Varna, “SOT PLUS” Ltd. – Burgas, “SOT – P3” Ltd. – Razgrad, “STEGER” Ltd. – Gorna Oriahovitsa, “TECHNOPOL” EOOD – Stara Zagora, “TIM alarm” – Varna, “Chance 166” EOOD – Ruse.